Acting For Comedy

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Acting For Comedy is a 4 Week Online Course with renowned Casting Director and Acting Coach, Peter Rasmussen.

Acting for Comedy is a comprehensive and engaging course designed to unlock your inner comedic genius. Learn the delicate balance of timing and pacing in comedic acting.  

Through a delightful blend of expert techniques, this course delves into the nuances of comedic timing, physical comedy, and character development.

The truth is, everyone is funny. Learn how to leave them laughing. 

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding Comedy: Unravel the secrets behind what makes people laugh and gain a profound understanding of the different forms of comedy, everything from slapstick to satire.
  • Perfecting Timing and Pacing: Learn the delicate balance of timing and pacing in comedic acting, allowing you to deliver punchlines and humorous moments with precision and impact.
  • Physical Comedy: Master the art of physical expression to create hilarious situations and communicate humour through body language and gestures.
  • Character Development: Create memorable and comedic characters, each with their unique quirks and traits that resonate with audiences.
  • Working with Scripts: Analyse and interpret comedic scripts, exploring the subtleties of humour and how to effectively bring the comedic elements to the scene.

Acting for Comedy is perfect for aspiring actors, comedians, and performers of all levels who wish to delve into the world of comedy and improve their comedic acting abilities.

Join me for a fun-filled journey, and let Acting for Comedy be your ticket to creating laughter and leaving a lasting impression on every audience you encounter!

Start date: Tuesday March 6th 2024.  

Live lectures and Q&A will take place online Tuesdays at 6.30pm Brisbane Time. If you are unable to attend live these will be uploaded for you to watch or rewatch at your convenience. 

Cost: $340

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