Peter Rasmussen Casting regularly casts network television productions, major and independent films, commercials and web content. He is a member of the Casting Guild of Australia.


Casting Director for Feature Films & TV

Peter Rasmussen uses his skills, contacts and years of experience as a casting director to engage the best actors for your project, from lead cast through to supporting roles.


Casting Director for Commercial Projects

Benefit from Peter’s extensive casting experience to find the right talent on a fast turnaround. Peter will breathe life into your campaign with a great range of performances that always fit the brief.


Take your acting career to the next level with Brisbane acting classes and workshops taught by a working casting director. Affordable, fun and challenging in a supportive environment.


Brisbane acting and drama classes for actors of all experience levels

As an actor, it’s important to view your skills as muscles, and acting classes like the gym. By staying in shape as an actor, you’ll not only continue to grow and improve, but be ready when it comes time to audition or perform. Using my 20 years’ experience in the industry, first as an actor, now as a casting director, my goal is to help you create performances that casting directors, producers, directors and audiences all love to watch.


Brisbane acting workshops for actors of all experience levels

On top of the regular acting classes I teach, I also run intensive acting workshops in Brisbane a couple of times per year. These Audition & Self-Test workshops run in small groups to ensure you receive plenty of attention and walk away with new-found knowledge and tools that can be applied immediately.


Words from acting students and industry professionals on my work as an acting coach

As an acting coach in Brisbane, I’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of talented actors who have created successful careers in the industry, gained acceptance into renowned acting schools, created relationships with agents and most importantly, are creating work they’re proud of. Below are a number of kind words from these actors as well as respected industry professionals talking about my approach as an acting coach and how it has affected their work and their career.


Words from acting students and industry professionals on my work as an acting coach

Pete Rasmussen is my secret ingredient to making outstanding TV commercials for our clients. His relationships with talent and their agents ensure we see top notch talent for every project, his commitment to the craft is admirable and he is my first choice for casting every time.

Ryan Renshaw

Ryan Renshaw - Director

I was looking for a weekly, ongoing class where I could learn new techniques and consistently improve over time. I learnt that patience, persistence, and hard work does pay off. He would elucidate feedback in a way that enabled me to give a more authentic performance. Transference is my favourite technique Peter used, very effective for me personally. He taught me that you can get better with time and practice, and just because you don’t start off with Oscar-worthy performances, it doesn’t mean you can’t get there. Peter is one of the most patient acting coaches you will come across. He genuinely cares about his students’ learning which is evident through the supportive environment he fosters in the classroom. @theoneshu

Shuang Hu

Shuang Hu

Peter has truly taught me the art of ‘subtly on camera’ when auditioning for a role. He utilises his techniques and exercises so wonderfully in the moment, that before I knew it I was no longer “acting” or “pushing”, I was simply was telling the truth. He has enabled me to learn what is important when auditioning for film and TV and what to simply throw away. Not only is Peter an amazing teacher, he is also a real ally in championing his students all the way to reaching their goals. I simply couldn’t have gotten where I am today without his help and guidance.

Emily Weir


It’s rare to find a person so dedicated to extracting the best out of a performance or the artist. I had the pleasure of working with Peter in two self-tests, both very last minute and time stressed. Through workshopping and direction we explored together to come up with two tests that I walked away proud of; which to me is the aim of the game. Knowing you’ve put your best foot forward and your hat in the ring for a part is the beginning and the end of our work sometimes. If you can say you’ve done that, you’ve done your work.Oh, and I got the job. Maybe both…

Ryan Corr


Peter Rasmussen brings his years as a casting director and actor to his coaching with an eclectic mix of wisdom, humor and insight. He is a gentle yet honest coach with great compassion. I highly recommend the professional as well as the beginner to work with this man!

Laura Gardner


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