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As an actor, it’s important to view your skills as muscles, and acting classes like the gym. By staying in shape as an actor, you’ll not only continue to grow and improve, but be ready when it comes time to audition or perform. Using my 20 years’ experience in the industry, first as an actor, now as a casting director, my goal is to help you create performances that casting directors, producers, directors and audiences all love to watch.There’s nothing more important than feeling safe in your environment so you have the confidence to throw yourself into the work and embrace vulnerability and truth. My Brisbane acting classes offer just this — a safe, focused and fun environment surrounded by actors all with the same goal as you. Class sizes are intentionally kept small so you receive the attention you need to be challenged each week. You will also be sent a copy of your filmed work so you can track your progress and build an invaluable scene library.

What to expect from the Brisbane acting classes
  • Become more confident and less aware of the camera
  • Become more adaptable and flexible when taking direction
  • Discover how to become your own director and make interesting choices
  • Work with a real casting director and gain insight into the audition room
  • Understand what makes a memorable audition
  • A supportive and creative environment designed to create brilliant work
  • Have more fun and reconnect with what drew you to acting in the first place
  • Be armed with tools and techniques used by the world’s finest acting coaches
  • Find the perfect balance between consistency and creativity as an actor
  • Exercises to improve your ability to deliver great work effortlessly

Depending on your goals as an actor, I have different class formats to stretch different parts of you, from foundation techniques designed to give you more confidence and the ability to approach your preparation in a streamlined way, through to practical self-taping and audition work so you learn to become your own director and make choices that help you stand out in the audition room. To see what’s on this term, keep scrolling and feel free to get in touch directly.

Self-Tape Your Showreel

24th January 2024


Get a show-stopping showreel full of your best acting work. 6 Week Online Course.

Uta Hagen Technique – 8 Week

Monday 5th February 2024.

to Monday 25th of March 2024.


Add a world-renowned technique to your skillset and lay strong foundations for a successful career.

Get To Set: Online Course

Thursday 25th January 2024


Learn everything you need to get ready for speaking roles. Unleash your true Acting potential today and Get To Set!

Character Chameleon

Wednesday 6th March 2024.


Learn dynamic techniques to unlock bold and memorable characters. Character Chameleon is a 4 week online course from renowned Casting Director and Acting Coach Peter Rasmussen.

Acting For Comedy

Tuesday March 6th 2024.


Sharpen your skills as a versatile actor and harness humour in your performances.

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