What Performers Should Learn From Character Actors

I personally am completely obsessed with the concept of the ‘character actor’, they’re like the secret agents of the acting world – going from set to set, always working, always in a different quirky role. I think there’s something so refreshing about that. They’re always a fascinating bunch – usually with an eclectic background and […]

What to do when you get an Audition

Congratulations! Your agent has put you forward for the audition and they said yes!  They want to see you. And they want you to do well. Their jobs depend in it! This is a very important thing to remember, the Casting Director is ON YOUR SIDE.  In the long run, casting people look to have […]

Should I join an Actor’s Union?

Unions play a vital role in the entertainment industry by establishing rates of pay, working conditions, and residuals for actors. Through extensive and persistent negotiations over time, actor’s unions have successfully secured the favourable conditions they enjoy today. When you receive payment on set, it’s a direct result of the hard work and advocacy done […]